Geary Community Match Day is
October 13, 2020
Geary Community Match Day
Geary Community Match Day is
October 13, 2020
Geary Community Match Day is
October 13, 2020

Dorothy Bramlage Public Library Foundation

Goal: $10,000.00

Specific Need

The funds deposited in the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library Foundation are currently dedicated to the project to build a new public library for the Junction City/ Fort RIley/Geary County community.  


The purpose of the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library Foundation is to raise awareness of the services and benefits of the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library, organize persons who are interested in promoting and maintaining the use and wellbeing of the library , and to raise funds to support the library for the expansion of collections, services, and improvements and expanstion of the building in which it is located. 


The library is an active place with a vibrant service.  In 2017, nearly 134,000 people visited the library and borrowed approximately 124,000 items. More than 16,000 people hold current library cards. In addition to Junction City and Geary County, the library serves all residents of the twelve surrounding counties of the North Central Kansas Library System as well as others across the state due to Junction City’s immediate proximity to Interstate 70. 


Youth programming includes early literacy activities for its youngest readers, numerous reading programs and enrichment classes for elementary school students, and teenage offerings for middle and high schoolers. The compilation of these evolving activities has grown the library far beyond a simple facility loaning literary materials to the public. It has become a community hub. The facility has over 50 programs (many of which are adult and youth education based) and the organization is an essential reference and meeting space for the community. In fact, the Library provides services to community members throughout their entire life span; from providing a complimentary book to every newborn at Geary Community Hospital in Junction City to a rotating collection of large-print materials at the Geary County Senior Citizen Center.


The Library also serves Fort Riley, Kansas soldiers. Fort Riley, home of the 1st Infantry Division, aka The Big Red One, is one of the United States’ largest Army bases, with a daytime population of around 25,000. Out of the library’s current cardholders, 25-33% of them are military personnel with connections to Fort Riley. Military personnel are involved in many library programs including: distance education, test proctoring, and notary services, all of which are used at a higher rate by military personnel than civilian patrons.


Today, the current library is 35 years old and pales in comparison size-wise to those in comparable Kansas communities. The Dorothy Bramlage Public Library (hereafter referred to as DBPL) in Junction City serves four times the population with less than 1/3 of the space of other Kansas libraries. In Kansas, a typical library building our size would serve a population of approximately 8,000. In addition, the current facility needs building code updates to meet modern standards.


The current library provides five times more programs now as it did in the past. The facility has become increasingly crowded and consistently turns away groups looking for meeting space. Unfortunately, there is no room for quiet study areas, space for concurrent programming, or to increase the number of computer workstations to meet public demand. Library holdings have increased nearly 30% from almost 50,000 items in 1992 to over 70,000 items in 2017. The outdated facility challenges our ability to serve the demand of residents seeking to improve their knowledge and skills, which inhibits opportunities for personal growth and economic development across the city and county.


Nationally, the demand for and growth in library programming has increased tremendously over the last 25 years. Libraries have evolved, providing meeting places, connecting citizens with free community resources and supporting complex reference questions, early literacy, computer and internet access, technology training, continuing education classes, and more.


Project Goals

The goal of the Reimaging Your Public Library Campaign is to cement the Dorothy Bramlage

Public Library facility as a true modern community hub with services and facilities aimed toward the future and in line with other libraries and community centers across the country. The new building would nearly double the library’s square footage, from 14,000 to 26,000. It will include more accessible technology, larger children and youth areas, additional meeting space and rooms for collaboration, and additional space for library holdings and staff.  With a new facility, staff will be able to expand current programs and better meet the evolving demands of the community for all age groups.


Once completed, the new library will welcome collaboration among area organizations at a level not possible today. For instance:

?       Enhanced programming for military residents, both active duty and retired

?       Enhanced project-related support and collaboration with local schools

?       Senior centers

?       Youth Groups like 4-H, Boys Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs

?       Other organizations


New Building Objectives:

Multiple objectives are sought in building a new, larger facility for the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library.  These outcomes can be divided into three distinct areas:




To provide greater access to content and collections, objectives include:

?       Increasing accessible technology and internet availability with more computer workstations to meet demand

?       Improving technology infrastructure

?       Increasing space for additional library holdings

?       Expanding print collections among the most actively used areas, such as emerging readers and pre-readers

?       Expanding audio and video collections

?       Adding space for staff to respond to complex reference questions

?       Adding additional technology training offerings

?       Adding staff workspace for increased staff and staff longevity


To provide enhanced programming, objectives include:

?       Increasing children and youth areas

?       Providing sound-secured activity areas for children’s programming to limit noise disruptions in other areas

?       Designing flexible spaces for concurrent activities with various participating age groups, especially families

?       Accommodating study programs, including continuing education, English language learners, tutoring, and online classes along with individualized services such as income tax preparation guidance, job searching, and regionalized service providers with adaptable private spaces for meeting in a secure environment


To provide manageable options for addressing community service needs, objectives include:

?       Providing public meeting space to be available for use by community groups for member needs to avoid alternative locations and rental spaces

?       Incorporating a hardened storm shelter

?       Becoming compliant with energy efficiency code requirements, including wall and roof insulation, lighting, and windows

?       Becoming compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act code requirements, including accessibility to all restrooms, doors, and a staff kitchen

?       Managing study, work, and test-taking stations with necessary volume control

?       Providing space for public-use equipment in addition to the traditional copiers and printers such as laminators, 3-D printers, digital format converters, etc.


230 W. 7th Street
Junction City KS 66441
Phone: (785) 238-4311

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