Geary Community Match Day is
October 13, 2020
Geary Community Match Day
Geary Community Match Day is
October 13, 2020
Geary Community Match Day is
October 13, 2020

Little Theater Foundation, Inc.

Specific Need

Funds are needed for maintenance and improvements on the Junction City Little Theater's Annex building. Our most immediate need is to replace the building's roof.


The Little Theater Foundation was established in 1984 to provide for the ongoing support and endowment of the activities of the Junction City Little Theater.


The Junction City Little Theater has been a part of the Junction City community since its establishment in 1949, and has made a significant impact by providing live theater entertainment for the community, giving amateur actors the opportunity to perform, and providing a summer theater workshop for school-age children.


In 2008, the Junction City Little Theater began performing its theatrical productions in the newly renovated C.L. Hoover Opera House. However, since the Opera House does not have sufficient storage space for the Little Theater's extensive costume collection, properties and stage sets, the Little Theater Foundation purchased the JCLT Annex building at 618 North Jefferson, which is across the street from the Opera House. The Annex building is essential for the continued operations of the JCLT, as it is used for costume storage and set construction, as well as for rehearsals and meeting space.


Since purchasing the JCLT Annex building, the Foundation has installed handicap-accessible restrooms, remodeled the kitchen, and installed a new furnace and air conditioning system. The original part of the building was constructed in 1870, and funds are continually needed for maintenance, upkeep, and improvements. At present, our priority is to obtain funding to replace the roof. However, there are numerous other needs to include repairing or replacing the brick retaining wall in front of the building, repairing the concrete at the entrance, replacing the carpeting, and improving the lighting in the costume storage areas.


618 N. Jefferson
Junction City KS 66441
Phone: 7852269270

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